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custom wood shed

Pergolas de madera almeria,aguadulce,mojacar,vera,el ejido,carboneras, la envia golf,roquetas demar, costacabana,puerto rey (58)

Porche del Cabo

Beautiful porch with sections of wood and pleasant proportion. The touch of the heads and reinforcements decorative makes of this porch an outstanding of our porches. Cabo de Gata (Almeria).

Cerramiento de madera Almeria,el  ejido,Aguadulce,Roquetas de mar,costacabana,la cañada,almerimar,puerto rey,vera,retamar,sanjose,carbon (3)


The terrace of this attic convertio in a hungry hall 40m2, giving a sensation to be in a wood villa right in the center of the city. Place setting of panels sandwich. Ground of floating platform, windows European profile climalit reflectasol. The common land (Almeria)

Pergola con toldo almeria, retamar, aguadulce, mojacar, carboneras

Pergola with awning

Our correderos awnings are very praticos and aesthetic by the hidden guidance system whom it has and it allows to enjoy so much the sun that of the shade, creating two different atmospheres.
Here we have an example of combination of colors, target for the red wood and for the awning.
Retamar (Almeria)

Porche en costacabana

White Porch

Simple design, adapted to the form of the terrace. Made with sections of wood laminated important, which does of a porch that imposes much and creates a very cosy atmosphere, English style. Costacabana (Almeria)

Porche de madera  a 4 aguas BENOITROUBAUD Almeria, aguadulce, retamar, el ejido, vera, carboneras (8)

Porch 4 sides

Imposing porch by the size of its sections, its 4 firm pillars, reflects the quality. It has a resistance between the color of the ceiling and the original structure.
Very cosy
Retamar (Almeria)

Patio enclosure

kitchen expansion

cerramiento de madera almeria

cerramiento de madera

cocina almeria


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